Klingender Stahl in Perfektion

Wir bei E.C.S. bauen Steeldrums auf höchstem Niveau. Das nun schon seit 1978. Schon immer hatten wir einen besonderen Anspruch an unsere Instrumente.

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E.C.S. Instruments

SteelHarp or Steelpan: As a result of our decade-long experience, our instruments always play at a very special level.

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Blue Point SteelHarppicture

Blue Point SteelHarp



E.C.S. Service

Service in tuning or repair work: We are there to help when your instruments need service. We take care of your “treasures”.

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Steeldrum Culture

Relaxing to the sound of the Caribbean. 1995 is the natal hour of „Pankultur e.V.“ in Dortmund.

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