Blue Point SteelHarp

The Blue Point SteelHarp was added to our product range by the end of 2011. After 35 years of experience in the manufacturing of steel pans, we did not need a start-up period to be able to place this high-end product on the market right from the beginning. The accuracy of manual labor still is our figurehead. The beauty of the shaped tonal fields is directly associated with the sound and the stability of our instruments. We manufacture hand pans that are supposed to keep their tuning for an unlimited time.


+ Manual labor from Germany
+ individually manufactured
+ stainless steel or our exclusive material newsilver
+ 18 months guarantee


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E.C.S. Steeldrums

Das Original in legendärer E.C.S-Qualität. Egal ob für den musiktherapeutischen Einsatz, zur Entspannung oder als Instrument für die professionelle Steelband. Unser Steeldrum Sortiment mit seinen verschiedenen Produktlinien deckt jede musikalische Stilrichtung ab. Und natürlich immer 100% Handarbeit.


+ Handarbeit aus Deutschland
+ individuell hergestellt

+ 18 Monate Garantie


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E.C.S. Accessory

Über E.C.S. erhalten Sie selbstverständlich für jedes Instrument das passende Zubehör. Racks, sticks, bags …

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