The E.C.S. Blue Point SteelHarp

E.C.S. Blue Point SteelHarp

Since 2011, this is our benchmark product within the range of hand pans:
Phenomenal in its sound and exceptionally stable in its tuning.

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The Blue Point SteelHarp was added to our product range by the end of 2011. After 35 years of experience in the manufacturing of steel pans we did not need a start-up period to be able to place this high-end product on the market right from the beginning. The accuracy of manual labor still is our figurehead. The beauty of the shaped tonal fields is directly associated with the sound and the stability of our instruments. We manufacture hand pans that are supposed to keep their tuning for an unlimited time.

Stability – what is this and how can you achieve it?

Stability does not depend on the employed material thickness; neither does it depend on its hardness grade. Stability depends on flexibility. To us, this means causing the tone fields to vibrate without friction.




Miracle of sound

The E.C.S. Blue Point SteelHarp is tuned with three overtones

We believe that we are the only manufacturer of hand pans to offer this.

Tone fields generate overtones. These overtones are integrated into the process of tuning (normally, it is the octave and the next quint). Many musicians and tuners are aware of this fact. Nevertheless, there is another overtone in the audible area. This overtone has been explored for more than 20 years by E.C.S., and it was integrated into the process of tuning.

…by the way,

tuning with three overtones request twice the time for producing our Hand Pans


Currently, we offer our Blue Point in 20 well-proven standard tunings, but of course, custom-made tunings are possible according to your requirements. Please contact us, if you are interested.

You will find audio samples of our 20 standard tunings below in the product selection.


Highend in stainless steel

Extremely robust, and never rusty again:
Our BluePoint SteelHarp is available exclusively in high-grade stainless steel. This means that maintenance effort is approaching zero. As we are convinced of our performance, E.C.S. grants an 18 months guarantee on all Blue Point SteelHarps in stainless steel.



Blue Point SteelHarp *S* in New Silver

The Blue Point SteelHarp *S* completes our range of instruments. It is the same voice technique; however, the acoustic pattern seems softer.

The 3 Alternatives of the Blue Point SteelHarp

We are happy that as of now, we are able to offer three alternatives of the Blue Point SteelHarp:

Alternative 1
Instrument in stainless steel / untreated
= powerful sound

alternative 1 picturepicture

Alternative 2
Instrument in stainless steel / surface heat-treated
= warmer in sound
(additional cost EURO 80,00)

alternative 2 picturepicture

Alternative 3
Instrument in New Silver
= soft and harmonious in sound
(additional cost EURO 300,00)

alternative 3 picturepicture

All available ranges can be obtained as from today also in our *S*version.

Complete overview and price list of our Blue Point SteelHarp versions as download in PDF >

Binding order

Every single E.C.S. instrument is manufactured individually and it is hand-made according to your order. We ask you for 6 weeks of patience until the completion of your instrument. Of course, we always dispose of instruments in our stock.

Please use our shop function to place your binding order.


The Blue Point SteelHarp

Our classic Blue Point SteelHarp is made from untreated stainless steel. It has a powerful sound.

How do our instruments sound and how much do they cost? It is very simple: Please just klick on a range of your choice under the item “Product Sound”.

In the first place, we display the basic tone (dome sound); subsequently, a listing of the further tone fields, in increasing pitch.


Blue Point SteelHarp *W*

The stainless steel of which our Blue Point SteelHarp *W* is made of, is heat-treated. This ensures a warmer sound.

In the first place, we display the basic tone (dome sound); subsequently, a listing of the further tone fields, in increasing pitch.