Service in tuning & repair service for steel drums and hand pans

Your instrument is not in the greatest condition?
A mishap might have occurred or time has taken its toll on your steelpan.

Out of tune, slightly rusty, damages in the paintwork or bulges. We can manage almost everything. Sometimes, it just needs a little tuning work. Sometimes it needs extensive repair work including rust removal and new paintwork. After that, your instrument will look as good as new again, and of course, it sounds like new.

In order to be able to calculate the amount of work and the resulting cost according to your expectations, it is necessary to examine your instrument in our atelier. We will then be able to give you a cost estimate.

This procedure now is very simple, thanks to the …

E.C.S. Tuning – Repair Work – Cost Estimate

At a flat rate of EURO 35,–, we examine your instrument and give a quotation of the necessary measures. In case you decide to have the repair work executed by us, we will of course offset this amount.


The procedure is as follows:

  • Please order the E.C.S. tuning-repair work-cost estimate in our webshop
  • Please send us your instrument – well packed!
  • We examine your instrument and inform you about the necessary measures and cost
  • You decide whether these shall be carried out by E.C.S.
  • In case you opt for the repair-work: We carry out the professional repair-work and will then return your instrument to you after payment of our invoice (normally within 10 days)
  • In case you opt against the repair-work: We will return your non-repaired instrument
  • In this case, the return-shipment is comprised in the flat rate.


Direct access to E.C.S. Tuning-Repair-Work-Cost Estimate